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mlytle 07-08-2017 02:56 PM

Some advice needed on using Refind flash version for dual boot with Windows 10
I have just recently purchased a Dell Inspiron desktop Celeron based machine with the obligatory Windows 10 installed. Trying to load the latest version of Linux Mint in a dual boot. I found some other tutorials on this, so I used Windows disk tool to shrink my C: drive to free up about 200GB of the generous 1 TB hard drive. Turned off fast boot and disabled secure boot, as most tutorials suggest. Then loaded Mint from within Windows, defining my root, home folder and swap, and after a false start tried again to rectify where I had the boot process pointed, back to the /dev/sda2 boot partition, natively formatted as FAT.

Almost needless to say, Mint is loaded but I don't get any kind of bootloader, goes straight into Windows. I did try to use Rufus under Windows to make a boot stick with the 'Refind' Bootloader for UEFI based machines on it, but it doesn't see anything on it, won't boot from it, and I can't think of another option to get this done. Suggestions welcome. I am tempted to just wipe this infernal Windows 10 off this machine and just go with Mint, but probably void my Warrantee.

Open to general suggestions. I did find this guy who is REALLY good at this, but I'm not up to speed with what he's doing with the BCDedit command:
Maybe someone else could point me to a similar maybe more explicit video with similar content. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

TheStr3ak5 07-08-2017 03:02 PM

Well, you installed a bootloader? like grub or the old lilo. If you dont install a bootloader, u havent done anything yet. Have you installed a bootloader apart of the Windows loader?

mlytle 07-08-2017 03:12 PM

Well, I know since this is an UEFI machine some of the old BIOS based boot loaders won't work. My understanding is that Refind is the bootloader of choice for UEFI machine. So that's what I'm trying to do. I have a Refind stick created but it isn't working, and that's perhaps cause I am unfamiliar with NTFS and windows bootable stick programs like Rufus. I may have done something wrong there.

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