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NeoSpawn 09-03-2005 02:52 PM

Software to acess and recover data on NTFS
Im looking for some software that will run under linux to acess deleted data on my WinXP drive. I have about 15GB of personal data that was deleted and I really want to recover. I just want to recover as much of that data and move it into the Linux drive. Then from there I can burn dvds and such. Is there any software that will let me recover and move the data?

Fedore Core 1 and WinXp (NTFS) are on 2 different physical harddrives. Thanks alot


cfaun 09-04-2005 10:18 AM

Try the sleuthkit:

NeoSpawn 09-04-2005 11:37 AM

I have no idea what Im doing with sleuthkit. But I do have my NTFS drive mounted as a read only.

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