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jacksonscottsly 07-09-2004 08:51 PM

software for adding cddb information into a local mysql database
please help! I need to create a php app that manipulates album info for my local college radio station (in the next 2 days!), and IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, it should have cddb (musicbrainz??, freedb) support, so that when a cd is inserted, the cddb data is automatically read from the remote server and input into a custom local mysql database. I've noticed that grip has a "digital jukebox" addendum to do something similar (although, I'm sure i'd have to do some tweaking before i get it to use the feilds in my custom database), but i cannot get it to work. is there another way to do this? a simple command-line script would make me happy, it just has to work! thank you for your help!

th3_d0c 07-09-2004 10:21 PM

I cant really help you creat this, but if I was to do this, I would try to find a program that would extract the cddb info to a temp file, or file for back up. And in that file would be the all of the info seperated by a ; or : or whatever is easy for php to understand, than php or your script reads that info and enters it into your mysql data base.
I would assume your hardest part would be getting the info to extract to a file. If you know php well enough, the rest should be simple. Hmm you probably could create a simple perl or c++ script to do that. The only hard part there would be if perl and c++ could talk to the mysql server.

That may be confusing. :D

Freshmeat has a huge list of scripts for ID3 tag editing and reading just look through them =

shit, you can really only use it to get the cddb info if you have a MS2000 or XP and IE.. Look at the other post about cddb and mysql in this forum for more scripts.
main website

above is extactly what you need!

Little old, but good idea =
May be more editable =

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