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Hideaki-san 12-01-2010 01:07 PM

SMPlayer dual installation issue (Icon Still Visible in Xfce menu)
In Slack 13 I compiled smplayer-0.6.9. I later decided I wanted to install it by .txz package instead. I installed the package but did not uninstall the compiled version first. So I had both the compiled and the packaged smplayer installed at once, the compiled version having a shortcut in the xfce "multimedia" menu and the package-installed version in /usr/bin or somewhere else. when I opened the package version, all the icons were not visible in the smplayer window that were visible in the compiled smplayer's window. I assume this is a problem resulting from not uninstalling the compiled smplayer before I installed the other version by package.

I just recently have uninstalled the compiled version with make uninstall and that seemed to work but the folder of the compiled smplayer is still in it's directory (all but without the smplayer executable file) and the icon for smplayer in the multimedia section of the xfce menu (the icon of the compiled version) is still there but with just the text "SMplayer" and when I click it, it opens the compiled version now also not displaying the option icons in the window. I still have the package-installed smplayer installed AFAIK.

So my main questions are:

1. How can I get rid of the compiled SMplayer COMPLETELY (keeping the packaged one)?

2. How can I remove the icon for the compiled smplayer from the Xfce menu and replace it with a shortcut for the packaged one?

3. Why are the icons of both SMplayers not displaying in their respective windows and are there any remaining dependency or incompatibility issues left to deal with (that might be causing the icons to not display in the smplayer windows)?

ozanbaba 12-03-2010 06:28 AM

I have a plan for you to clean the system from SMPlayer for good.

First We have to take care of compiled SM. SMPlayer supports DESTDIR as much as I know (Scriht from SBo uses it).

#mkdir $HOME/fake
#make DESTDIR=$HOME/fake install

THis will install the SMPlayer as it is installed system wide.


cd $HOME/fake
#makepkg -l y -c n /tmp/smplayer-123-xi486-1_Compiled.tgz

this will create a package you can use to uninstall Compiled version. Use it as this:

installpkg /tmp/smplayer-123-xi486-1_Compiled.tgz
removepkg smplayer-123-xi486-1_Compiled

after that removepkg packaged one.

now you should have a clean system from SMplayer.

of course Instead of creating package, you can use the $HOME/fake for manual delete. I'll do manual delete by hand. Anyway It's your system.

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