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sangati vishwanath 08-22-2005 02:58 AM

Service Location protocol on Linux returns Agent URL = (NULL)
Am not able to see Dynamic DA Responses to a printner from Linux.
I have installed SLP on a Linux box.
I want to make the Linux to act as Dynamic DA & to respond to a printer's Service Requests.
When i restart the "slpd" dameon from Linux box, i get to see SRVLOC packets from Linux asking for "Service Requests" & DA (Directory Agent ) Advertisments from the Linux with SLP.
When i checked /var/log/slpd.log SLP logs Agent URL was NULL.
" Agent URL = (NULL) ".
Iam not able to see any DA registrations on to SLP Server by Printer.
Is the Server not allowing the printner to register or Printer is not able to register on to SLP DA for other reasons ??

Any clues where am going wrong,it would be appreciated if someone lets me know if i need to reconfigure the slp.conf & slp.reg files to suit my setup ?


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