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taiwf 03-20-2006 05:08 PM

slow response of linux server on squid(maybe?)

I have recently rebuilt a linux server box with mail , intranet and squid. But I found that any page i browse take about at least 2 sec to download it (even I wonder if cache is working at all (maybe user in lan network set as homepage)?

I did just install the squidguard but only to block adult site. But that should slow down pages like that... the browser find the html/php/asp page pretty fast , it just take long to actually get to complete download... I check the bandwith which seems to be not congested as I can still at least download over 100kB/sec.

Now, is there anyway i can optimise or checking if squid is doing the caching at all? It should do the cache with default confiuration right? If its not squid problem the only other thing i can think of is probably the NIC driver but it work fine before..

ps: I am using dell power4400 with debian sarge.

taiwf 03-21-2006 04:07 PM

figured that there is probably a need for bind9 to install to cache dns record. So my server doesn't have to do dns lookup through dns server everytime on

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