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jocast 05-09-2006 09:08 AM

Slow machine, squid?
Helo forum, i have a machine that i use only for squid. but before installing squid it was a lot faster, now it is very very slow, at the begining it was normal but after a few days it became like this. I think it can be the log or something like that, how can i clean it and keep it clean?

haertig 05-09-2006 09:45 AM

I don't use Squid personally (not yet, anyways). But I seem to remember reading that it will use lots of memory for its cache.

Look at your memory using the vmstat command. Something like vmstat -a 5 5. Always ignore the first line of output (that's a fairly meaningless cumulative thing). Look at your free memory, your virtual memory in use (the swpd column) and your swap ins/outs (the si and so columns). You can also run vmstat -s and look at the cumulative totals for "pages swapped in" and "pages swapped out".

What you're describing sounds like a memory bottleneck to me.

If my guess on memory utilization is correct, you can attempt to fix this by either (1) buying more memory, or (2) configuring Squid to use less of it. I don't use Squid so I can't tell you how to configure this, but I'm sure it must be a configurable thing. I am just guessing on this memory thing - please don't shoot me if I've guessed wrong!

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