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jojotx0 11-28-2005 09:26 PM

slow FPS in glxgears with nVidia drivers installed
Before I installed the nVidia drivers I was getting 3-4 FPS, after I was getting 450-457 FPS, and I have read other people getting 2500-3000 FPS, and was wondering why am I not getting such high FPS rates?

I have a eVGA g-Force 2 MX 400 PCI graphics card with 64mb DDR RAM.
In windows, I can run Unreal Tournament 2004 with maxed settings, with very little lag, it stops every couple minutes or when there is a big explosion in close view, but other than that, it runs great, but in Linux (Debian 3.1rc1) I can barely run fireworkx screensaver (in the little preview window of XScreenSaver it looks great, but not full screen preview or normal run)

Are these problems and things problems with Linux, my graphics card, or my configuration?:confused:

freakyg 11-29-2005 03:58 PM

do you have DMA enabled??


man hdparm

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