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casmithac 06-06-2003 09:25 AM

Slackware KDE install problems
Hi All,
I have just installed Slackware 8.1 from the 6 diskettes plus the iso CD rom. I have a few questions. The 1st is, when I try to run Kdevelop 2.1, during it's setup, it is asking for the QT doc library. I didn't see this anywhere during the install. Plus, it told me that I needed glimpse. I can't find which package this is in so I can install it.

Not related to KDR, after the installation, I expected to boot from the HD but instead it only comes up if I put in the boot diskette and press enter.

And lastely, I have confiured the PC for network and can ping it and have also FTPed and pointed a browser at the the HTTP deamon. I have a proxy setup that is needed to get out. When the equivilent proxy info from WINxxxx is put into the kbrowser setup, I get "name of proxy" not found. What am I missing?

TIA, Craig

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