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Michael Uplawski 08-11-2016 03:27 AM

Sketchup Make - Magic Numbers
Good morning, all.

I put a question further down.

Something positive for a change. The current (Trimble) SketchUp Make release (2016) works quite well for me. I have the 32 version with wine 1.8.3 (Debian) and do what some might call “serious work” with that toy..., erm tool.

Here are the magic numbers that I can define for the models from the old Google-SketchUp 8 release, which I had installed, years ago and the new numbers, for a file-type 1.6 created with the current Trimble-version:


4  string        \x53\x00\x6b\x00\x65\x00\x74\x00\x63\x00\x68\x00 SketchUp
>16        string        \x55\x00\x70\x00\x20\x00\x4d\x00\x6f\x00\x64\x00\x65\x00\x6c\x00 Model       
>38        string        \x31\x00\x36        version 1.6
>38        string        \x38\x00        version 8

Now this is not very satisfying... OOPS!!
Positive, now: There is potential for further improvement.

Being completely unable to make the WineHQ site work for me, as my login appears to never work, my password is always wrong or my transfer-rate is just not sufficient for sophisticated use of the World-Wide-Web...

I ask you if there could be a detail in the files created by the different SketchUp-Versions which allowed me to further discern the Trimble- from the Google versions. If you had a hint for recognizing the 32- from the 64-bit version, that I do not use, the information should be integrated, too.

Lastly, I do not understand how I can extract the version-numbers from the files rather than printing them out myself (like above: version 8). But this is not really important, as long as I am the only one to access my magic file.

TY for reading.


Michael Uplawski 08-23-2016 11:40 AM

Probably a dumb question. Who uses magic numbers anyway nowadays.

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