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14moose 05-07-2010 02:09 PM

Simple Drag/Drop in MediaWiki?
Hi -

I'm running MediaWiki 1.13.4 on SuSE Linux. One of the things users don't like about MediaWiki is that it's difficult for them to upload documents.

When someone is logged in (with the correct privileges) and editing an existing MediaWiki page, is there any easy way for them to drag and drop a .doc file or an .xls spreadsheet onto the page?

Is there any snap-in that simplifies uploading a file and linking it to a page?

Thank you in advance!

richstimson 07-27-2010 12:06 AM

I agree that this would be a really useful feature that has already been available on other wiki's for a long time. I can't find one anywhere - can anyone help?

Elv13 07-27-2010 12:13 AM

Drag and drop upload is an HTML5 feature. Chrome, Firefox (using the file API and AJAX) and Safari also have some kind of support for it over HTML4. All other way of doing this imply very, very bad hack. It is better to wait until HTML5 is well established before adding that feature. Doing it right now imply some dirty hacks, just as drag and drop in general. You can do it, search for drag and drop file on google, find some javascript bits and use them, mediawiki is open source after all.

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