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jcchenz 10-26-2005 02:06 PM

shell interface vs shell scripting? I'm confused
Hi all,
first of all, i do not really understand the concept of shell. I know it is used to accept user commands and executed in a seperate process. I need to write a shell, which has two functions: (1) creating the child process and executing the command in child (2) and modlifying the shell to allow a history feature.

i've done some research on the internet, but it mainly teaches about shell scripting.. but i don't know if this is what i want.. i'm assuming not :P. So how do i create a new shell .. do i call it shell interface?
i'm sort of new to this forum, so if anyone could at least guide me to a site, or best of all give me instructions on how to do this that would be great.!!!


by the way, i am using redhat 2.4.28, so if anyone could give me advice according to this it would be better, because so far, i've tried installing a 2.6.10 kernel into my linux and there is so many problems :'(..



acid_kewpie 10-26-2005 03:32 PM

you need to write a shell... ok so that's homework then, and i find it very hard to believe any decent educational course would request work like that to be undertaken without ensuring you have the right resources.

you create a new shell by writing it. pick a language, and use it so that by running your program you are presented with a prompt into which you can run a basic subset of commands like a normal shell like bash etc...

and you're choice of kernel couldn't be more irrelevant here... :-)

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