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muxman 05-19-2004 06:09 AM

sftp no longer works, but ssh still does.
I have Debian testing installed and I use ssh to remote admin my computer. I use SSH Secure Shell from to login to the linux box. I can login and use the shell with no problems but when I try a secure ftp connection while logged in I get an error that the sftp-server is not working. I've tried putty and psftp as well and no luck there also. I've uninstalled ssh and reinstalled it as well and the sftp still does not work.

The error says:

File transfer server could not be started or exited unexpectidly.
Exit value 0 was returned. Most likely the sftp-server is not in the path of the user on the server-side.

I know that it is in the path because I get this error even as root. Also in the sshd_config file the line for the sftp-server reads:

Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/sftp-server

Which is the full path to the sftp-server program and it is in the $PATH variable as well for the user.

The root $PATH variable is:


Any suggestions about how to get the sftp feature of ssh to work again?

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