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ratotopi 09-30-2014 01:23 PM

SFTP chrooted

I have create chrooted sftp. The user john has chrooted directory /chroot/home/john and in /etc/passwd his home directory is only /sftp so that when he sftp to the server it takes him directly to /chroot/home/john/sftp directory where he can execute all the user command which he would not have been able to execute in /chroot/home/john. What I want to achieve is even when john execute any command with / in front I want the directory to be /chroot/home/john/sftp not /chroot/home/john. Example executing mkdir /test I want the directory to be created inside /chroot/home/john/sftp/ it should not try to create inside /chroot/home/john which is not possible because of chrooted home directory. Thank you for any new idea you have in solving this problem.

spanik 10-01-2014 05:35 AM

Maybe obvious but...

CHROOT John to /chroot/home/john/sftp and set John's home directory in /etc/passwd to / instead of /sftp

ratotopi 10-01-2014 12:46 PM

NO that won't work, when you chroot /chroot/home/john/sftp the directory has to be owned by root and the chmod cannot be more than 755. John will not be able to create any file when he login.

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