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WhiteTornado 02-01-2004 01:02 AM

Setting background image in aterm ?

I want to be able to set a particular image as a background of my aterm window different to and no matter what my desktop background is. Per the man page and the docs on the aterm web site, this is doable with the -pixmap argument.

No matter how I set this, I am not getting the result wanted, I have a jpeg which I put in a folder in my home dir, I set up the line as follow:

aterm -bg white -fg blue -tr -trsb -sh 50 -fn 10x20 -sl 32767 -pixmap "/home/marcel/tux/knopi"

I am not getting the image, I tried without the "", I tried taking off all other options, still no go.

I saw there is the .Xdefaults file that can be edited, well, it is suppose to be in the home dir, I am not able to find it anywhere... :-(

I am thinking there is an image loader program I should have which is missing...

p.s. I am using Fedora Core 1 and GDM

any tips??


maillion 02-01-2004 03:19 AM

The dot in front of a file name means that it is hidden... Are you using the command line to seek the file? If so, you can use ls -a to find hidden files in you current working directory. (You need to cd to the directory you want to look at.):confused:

WhiteTornado 02-01-2004 09:26 AM

Hi thanks,

I do not have this file (.Xdefault) on my system, I do have .Xclients-default but adding anything to it did not produce any changes.


FLOODS 02-01-2004 10:06 AM

Did you compile aterm with the option enabling pixmaps? I don't know if it's on by default or not.. You may want to read the INSTALL file that came with the aterm.tar.gz, or any other README file in it..
Good luck

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