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harald25 04-06-2009 08:31 AM

Set-up postfix just for sending mail
I'm trying to set up a box with Nagios to monitor some network devices.
I want Nagios to send me mail on my private address whenever something bad happens.

That means I only need to be able to send mail from this box, and not be able to recieve anything.
I've tried to follow some guides on setting up postfix. But they describe how to set up a fully functional pop/imap-server with spamasassin etc.
I don't need that functionality, and since I'm pretty new at linux I'm not really able to figure this out on my own.

Could anyone here please link me to a guide, or tell me what I have to do?
As I said, I'm only going to send mail from this linux-box to my private email.

The linux-distro I'm using is Ubuntu btw.

Thanks in advace =)

acid_kewpie 04-06-2009 08:53 AM

Unless I'm mistaken, a totally default install of postfix will do exactly that, hence no setup tutorials for it. You probably want to set up the mydomain variable if you're sending mail to others in the outside world but if it's just you, nothing should be required really.

you might prefer an alternative simpler mta, e.g. ssmtp, bsmtp or esmtp which are only for sending out emails, typically with a 3 or 4 line config file.

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