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gunghang 04-20-2017 06:39 AM

Set root in GRUB with mmcblkpX (boot Android)
I am trying to boot Android from GRUB on a Chinese tablet (CUBE iWork10). It is a dual boot Android/Windows. Android has stopped booting.

I've installed Ubuntu Kylin 16.10 and now have a dual OS with Windows and Ubuntu instead of Windows and Android. I'm trying to recover Android and be left with a triple boot.

I've installed Android x86 6.0 on the same mmcblk partition that originally had Android. It does not appear when I update GRUB.

I have looked at the grub.cfg file that comes with the installation iso, and I've looked at the menu.lst file that is generated during the installation. I've also looked at the grub.cfg file for Kylin and the entries for Windows and Kylin.

I have tried to Frankenstein the correct GRUB entry.

One problem may be setting the root directory. There is no hard drive, so there is no /dev/sdx,x or "(hdx,x)" There are only mmcblk partitions.

So, I think the questions I should be asking are:

How do I set the root directory when my "hard drive" is effectively an SD memory card?

Is there some secret to naming the Linux and initrd files that makes them easier for an update-grub to detect? I've learned that just putting the correct names in the GRUB menuentry isn't always enough.

Thanks in advance for any insight into any of this.

gunghang 04-21-2017 03:32 AM

Floppy McDisk inspired the solution

Floppy installed Android on an SD card and while booting that installation found the hard drive installation.

The Android installer did not find my SD card. So, I used my data flash drive. That worked. I cut and pasted the menuentry to my Ubuntu GRUB menu.

When I clicked on it, it found the mmcblk installation.

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