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linux_ub 09-29-2004 08:50 AM

hey guys

i need to set my machine so that i can learnservlets and JSP. as far as my understanding goes i need j2ee, and tomcat for this. i did a little bit of googling and came across a lot of HOW_TOs but have got totally confused. do i need j2sdk or j2eesdk or both set up on my machine. my understanding says j2sdk is included in j2ee.

and pointers would be really helpful


UsualTuxpect 09-29-2004 03:17 PM

j2sdk has basic java support classes[i mean jar files for compiling and running normal java programs]

In ur case go for j2ee sdk. [u get support for writing servlets, jsp, EJB's and other stuff ]

U will have to install Apache and then tomcat [servlet/jsp] engine to get u going with servlets and jsp.

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