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niranjan_mr 11-07-2005 03:41 AM

sendmail virtusertable
Hi all

i have 2 domains in my local-lan
1. -ip

MY DNS server resides in and my actual domain is but my mail id is will be
in every user computer the dns is set to

i have configured a sendmail server on RHEL AS 4.0 and all users get the mail as
so i have used /etc/mail/virtusertable to map

the to system user, as system user and his mail-id are different.

the system user and his mail id is are different
ie if systemuser is abc the his mail id is

in the mail server , i have configured named with zone and configured DNS to resolve

and my local-host-names in /etc/mail/ has and
and /etc/access also has the the above domains mentioned

but the problem is i have configured outlook in clients system , and when user is sending mail to , it takes time.

In the mail server also i have checked with the following command

echo "hi" | mail -s "hi" -v it takes time to send mail
where as when i send mail

like echo "hi" | mail -s "hi" ie system user , it goes fast

why is it taking time to map the systemuser to mail-id , can we make it more faster


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