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tomazN 06-04-2007 05:48 AM

sendmail huge problems ...
Hello all.

Let me describe my system:

I use sendmail 8.13.8 on a OpenSuSe 64bit linux os.
It is configured to gather mail from outside on smtp port 25, and then only forward it to internal mail server, so he distributes them to final clients (MS Exchange server).

Now to the actual problem:

Sendmail Queue gets full (it stars out of the blue building up from 0 messages and it goes up) every few hours, and it stops sending emails to the exchange server for some reason.
In log i get these messages:

stat=Deferred: Connection timed out with


stat=Deferred: Resource temporarily unavailable

Flush queue does not solve the problem, because when sendmail tries to force the mail out of the queue there are still same errors to the internal exchange server.

Tried to restart sendmail few times and then force queue, or even restarted whole server, same problem, but after a dozen restarts etc. it starts sending again, but stops after a day or even after 20 mins.

I have done traceroute to the internal server (it is ok, and is done instantly). DNS lookup is also fine. Primary, secondary etc. dns servers on linux box are setup ok.
telnet to internal exchange server on smtp port 25 which sendmail sends mail goes fine every time, even then when sendmail hangs.

I need some more suggestions what to try, i run out of ideers.


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