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Brian_TII 09-27-2001 06:52 PM

Sendmail hangs when sending to certian domains
Ok guys here is the situation:

I am running a Sendmail server on a dynamic IP address (yeah, I know it sucks) and I'm using for my dynamic DNS hosting.

Inbound email works great. Outbound to SOME addresses works great.

My problem is that when I send email to domains like ? or ? It causes Sendmail just to hang (no error message). However I can send to other addresses perfectly. The strange part about this is that I did have the whole thing running perfectly for about a week, and then my DSL went down for 3 days (yes 3 DAYS), and I rebooted the machine. It hasn't worked right properly since. I did have this problem when I initially set it up and the problem seemed to resolve itself. I've been told that it COULD be a reverse DNS lookup problem. That the domain I'm trying to send to is doing a reverse lookup on my IP, and that is what is causing the problem. However why would it have worked fine for a week and then just stopped?

Ideas? Suggestions? I'm getting desperate and tired of messing with this thing. I'm SO CLOSE, yet so far... (even beggining to think that Win2k with Exchange 2k might not be a bad solution, HELP ME! :) ) Also, yes I know a static would be better, but this is mostly for fun.

Thank you,


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