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kevindv10 04-13-2004 01:22 PM

sendmail email address includes localhost name?

I'm using Slack 9.0. Everything works with my domain name. I can ssh, receive mail, http to the domain. But when I send mail from the machine the email address that sends is Trying to reply to that address bounces obviously because "" isn't a valid domain.

I've modified a line in to read:
#Dj$ (this is what the original line was).

I've restarted the service and even rebooted with crossed fingers but still when I send email the address includes the localhost name.


Edit and solution: I tested this with an IMAP client and the address was fine. I looked at the PINE config file and the domain was blank so I included the domain there and it works fine now. The problem obviously was with the PINE setup rather than Sendmail.


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