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ranger_nemo 06-07-2004 03:59 PM

sendmail -- cpu load high & log huge !!
I have a Pentium 133 running ClarkConnect. I recently started serving mail to our office... Less than a dozen accounts, which are rarely used.

Well, sendmail is going crazy... The cpu load is 400% and the log is filling with megabytes-per-day of what looks useless to me.

The server sits under my desk, so I can hear it constantly writing to the drive. mailq says the que is empty, and mailstats gives...

Statistics from Mon Nov 10 17:42:31 2003
 M  msgsfr  bytes_from  msgsto    bytes_to  msgsrej msgsdis  Mailer
 4        0          0K        6          6K        0      0  esmtp
 9        7        25K        1        19K        0      0  local
 T        7        25K        7        25K        0      0
 C        5                    6                    0

I don't know what's going on, so I don't know what other info to give. Anybdoy have any suggestions of what might be wrong?

ranger_nemo 06-08-2004 08:42 AM

Well, I removed the packages, deleted all the config files, and re-installed the packages. Seems to be fine now. Then again, it originally worked fine for awhile before going ballistic.

I ran it through the relay test at << >> both before and after re-installing, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't relaying for some spammer.

tbeehler 06-08-2004 12:06 PM

This is a complete shot in the dark answer (disclaimer finished) Is it possible that there's some kind of mail loop? I had a problem with a mail loop problem where a user sent out a message to a newsletter listing we had, but the person cc'd the list and when people did a "reply to all" it would resend a message to everyone on the newsletter list. On top of that, it had 1,200 people's name on the list and not all of the addresses were correct, so it would think that it hadn't completed it's job and then try to send out the newsletter again and again. I only noticed it when I heard the constant whine of the hard drives and saw the cpu at 100%. Just a thought. It might not even be the problem that you are experiencing, but thought I'd add my 2 cents.

Travis Beehler

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