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tabz 10-15-2003 04:40 PM

Self-extracting RealPlayer8. How do I uninstall?

I installed RealPlayer 8 from their website using the self-extracting binary file they provide. I now want to get it out of my system but can't figure out how. All the help I've seen in other places is how to uninstall if the original installation was done using rpm, nothing about the case where the installation was done using the self-extractor.

If it helps I'm running slackware with KDE as window manager.


bulliver 10-15-2003 07:25 PM

Sounds like you may need to do it manually. Do you know where it installed itself? If so just rm the files.

If you don't know where it is then you need to do a 'locate realplayer' and/or 'locate RealPlayer8'

This method is kind of hit and miss because if you are not sure what you are doing you might pooch some important files.

tabz 10-16-2003 07:08 AM

Its installed in a subdirectory of my home directory (I don't have superuser access so didn't do a system wide install). No problem in actually removing the files, but the thing is the installation has hijacked the mime-type (correct word?) settings in my KDE environment so that now I can no longer play MP3s using KDE Media Player (and RealPlayer8 doesn't work ... so effectively I can't play MP3s at all).

If I have to change the mime-types manually in KDE then how would I go about doing that?

bulliver 10-16-2003 08:05 AM

Hard way:
Open your kde 'control center' then under the 'kde components' section select 'file associations'. Find the entry for mp3 and edit the program you want to be the default for it.
Easy way:
Open konqueror and navigate to one of your directories with mp3s in it. Right-click the mp3. Choose 'Open With...' and pick your app. Make sure that the 'remember application association for this type of file' box is checked.

tabz 10-17-2003 06:39 AM

Thanks for that. I did as you suggested and KDE Media Player is now the default player for MP3s. However, I still can't get KDE Media Player to play MP3s. I tried to play them using the following methods with the results that

A. If I double click on an MP3 then KDE Media Player starts running, but then it dies immediately after with a SIGSEGV message.
B. If I open KDE Media Player and add MP3s to a playlist and then try to play any of the files I get this very weird effect whereby all the files in the playlist just disappear. (No sound, no nothing.)

bulliver 10-17-2003 06:49 AM

Sound like this KDE Media Player has a few bugs...why not use xmms or zinf?

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