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Ninja Cow 02-01-2004 04:04 PM

Segfaults in Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird, and Mozilla Thunderbird
Last night I installed Slackware 9 on this machine again, everything seemed to go fine and had no problems whatsoever.

Firebird and Mozilla were working fine, but after getting packages via slapt-get, I keep getting segfaults.

root@localhost:/home/ninjacow/mozilla-firebird# ./Mozilla-Firebird
/home/ninjacow/mozilla-firebird/ line 454: 31020 Segmentation fault "$prog" ${1+"$@"}

Today, I downloaded Thunderbird. I get the same message.

root@localhost:/home/ninjacow/thunderbird# ./thunderbird
/home/ninjacow/thunderbird/ line 454: 31020 Segmentation fault "$prog" ${1+"$@"}

Any idea what the heck is going on?

wapcaplet 02-01-2004 10:26 PM

Looks like there is something happening in line 454 of /home/ninjacow/mozilla-firebird/ (but you knew that already :) ). It's a shell script, which means it's plain text that you can open up in a text editor. Try opening it up and seeing what's at like 454. Easiest way to do that is:

vi /home/ninjacow/mozilla-firebird/
(once you are in vi)

Post the contents of that line and the stuff around it. Methinks there's some program being run on that line that's causing a segfault.

p.s. - why is root trying to run ninjacow's copy of Firebird anyway?

Ninja Cow 02-02-2004 01:33 AM

Nevermind. I figured out it was java. After deleting from the plugins folder, Firebird started working. Mozilla and Thunderbird started working, too. Wonder why.

Thanks for your time, though. Muchly and happily appreciate it. :>

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