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symon 11-18-2000 11:00 AM

Trying to install RH5.2. It doesn't see my second IDE controller or its attached disk, just the ones attached to the motherboard IDE cables.

The 2nd controller card is a Promise Ultra66. My Windows 2000 device manager lists various I/O address ranges, a memory range, and IRQ 10 for this controller. For some reason W2K lists it in its SCSI controller list instead of IDE??

I want to install Linux on the disk sitting on that Promise controller instead of on the Windows C: drive disk. How can I get the Linux installation program to see it?

jeremy 11-18-2000 12:31 PM

Red Hat 5.2 does not have suppoprt for that hardware. You will have to install a much newer distro to take anvantage of that UDMA66 card.

lynch 11-24-2000 05:10 AM

Symon,I use that same controller card and it works great with Mandrake7.1.

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