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sunnydrake 08-04-2010 06:07 AM

Second display software control and access.
I have bought 2xLCD 3D glasses Video Eyewear EVG920D 640x480 which can be connected to pc via usb and VGA. Manual says that 3D mode supported in interlaced format. I think 3D works in fullscreen mode in 640x480i or 320x200i.
Question is how to setup via command line and from C++/C# second video output as Screen :1(or whatever),set video mode(only to this display) and pass some application output to it?

Elv13 08-04-2010 10:02 PM

Your question is not very clear. Are your display configured to run 3D? It's not automatic as far as I know. Are your glasses active or passive? You are looking for a way to display half of the vertical line every frame? Have you looked at doing this on the applications you want to display instead of X, because I don't think it is X job to handle that.

sunnydrake 08-05-2010 04:12 AM

They have special mode switch 2D/3D.
Display = 3D Glasses.
3D glasses have own builtin LCD display with 640x480 resolution(aka Human Mounted Display).
In general i wish to
1) setup 640x480 videocard output2 as screen 2 (not as part of virtual resolution!)
2) pass some application output to it.
3) interlaced mode? - i dunno but maybe i need to pass 2 images(one slightly shifted) line-over-line to output valid 3d frame format.

Elv13 08-05-2010 02:21 PM

I am not quite sure to understand what your are asking exactly (just "how can I get it to work" is not a question, I need much, much more details for that and readeaing the manual and spec, something that I will not do).

To display an application of the second screen, from the command line, write

DISPLAY=:1 myApplication
With the right permissions, it will work. Sometime it work better if it is not done from X (ctrl+alt+f2), but it is just a permission problem. It is not the X job to handle the 3D, you will have to find out how the device work and implement the algorithm yourself.

sunnydrake 08-06-2010 08:20 AM

i managed to configure screen:0 and screen:1 with xrandr.
what i need for tests in command line is analogue to this pseudo-code
var display=system.display{2} //tryed C# mono opentk but it fail to work correctly
display.setGraphicsMode=GraphicsMode.640x480_fullscreen; //i really need this
var applicationstdout=system.exec('3dapp'); // SOLVED by DISPLAY=:1
applicationstdout.output=display; // SOLVED by DISPLAY=:1

well it's X job to display images generated in 3d :) 3D and frame format for device is my headache :)

Thnx for help Elv13

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