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the_bigbalu 01-08-2013 06:40 AM

Searching Software for IPs
Hi there,

I need a software managing IP adresses. There is a szenario on creating a new virtual machine:

- I have more VLANs
- Is the machine for internal user or for public
- Overview of used IPs and free IPs

I want an open source software, which tells and shows me free and used IP adresses. These should displayed with machine name and vlan.

Actually, we do this with an excel sheet and is very manual. We want more automatismus in our process. There should only be 2 questions
- "Is the Machine private or public"
- "Which VLAN want you to add?"
Then the software should tell me IP and subnet and gateway. The other option of the software is to create a report for used an free IP adresses in form of PDF or CSV.

Please ask if you don't understand, what I mean.

Thank you,

netnix99 01-08-2013 09:00 AM


I will assume since you are posting this in a Linux forum...that you want a Linux solution. Here is a good article with a few choices. I have not used any of these myself, but that is about to change.

There are also some Windows-based solutions for IPAM, such as infoblox and solarwinds, that offer a free solution, but functionality is limited.

The hard part about your request is the specifics that you want. It is sometimes hard to find opensource software that actually custom-fits all of your needs. If you knowsomeone that is pretty good at basic programming/bash scripting, you could modify a simple pingsweep script with a a few additional commands and get the desired output (CSV file). You could then open the CSV file in LibreOffice or OpenOffice CALC and print to file (PDF). It may take a few steps to get the desired output, but it will still be far fewer than the manual process that you are currently using.

Good Luck!

the_bigbalu 01-08-2013 09:21 AM

Awesome... thats sounds very nice. I will test these software. Thank you for you reply!

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