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tle02 03-29-2006 05:26 PM

Searching for app: cp with status indication
Hi everyone.
I was wondering if any of you know a commanline application like cp but which also have a status indication off how far along in the copying it is (I have a lot of DVD's with 6-10 big files on them which I occassionably copy to my harddrive).
I did actually, just for the fun of it, wirte a bash script to do this, which works quite fine, the output looks like this:

X@TLE32:~$ copy multimedia/video/0.33\ DVD/* .

COPIED: averylargefile.dat    in 0m 56s    at 26,6MB/s

FILE:11%,  35,4MB/s  ALL FILES:22%,  Passed: 1m 2s,  Total: 4m 37s,  Remaining: 3m 35s

As nice as that may look it is lacking several important options, most importantly the -r option.
Thanks in advance, Regards TLE02

PS: I found it difficult to search for this because searching, forums, the web or webpage with Linux apps, for words like "copy, cp, status" gives A LOT of hits but if I have missed an obvious way to find this plase let me know so that I may learn.

PPS: I know there's always the wonderfull Midnigth Commander (mc), but I just love that white text on black background CommandLlineInterface stuff. :D

unSpawn 03-29-2006 08:25 PM

Freshmeat has some, though used in pipes:

tle02 03-30-2006 05:17 AM

Great thanks. Would it be possible to somehow patch a cp -r command through a pipe ?

BTW I had a little more luck searching for info about this and I found a thread(sorry can't add url because I have to few posts) in the Ubuntu forums indicating this in the version of coreutils in Gentoo, there cp has a -g option which is actually a status indicator, but it's not in the Ubuntu version (Don't know if it has been disabled or if the Gentoo people has added it). So as an alternative solution does anybody know how to either:
1. Install the Gentoo version of coreutil ?
2. Enable the -g flag in the Ubuntu ?
=== Thanks

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