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furryspider 09-03-2004 02:19 PM

Scribus: Text over two frames: Behaviour Bug or not?

I did my first kinda serious thing with Scribus 1.2 last week where I had text flowing from one textframe into another. I noticed that this constellation behaved somewhat unexpected, and I just wanted to get some opinions before considering it a bug.

Here's how to reproduce:

- new document
- insert textframe 1
- insert textframe 2
- in TF1, insert example text (or load some textfile with enough content for 2 frames)
- make a 'pipe' to TF2 so that the text flows there
- TF1: have properties displayed and under TEXT change color to blue
- TF2: change color to red
- TF1: increase font-size by a couple points


Due to the increased font-size, the blue text from TF1 is pushed into the TF2. There however, it continues to be blue and maintains its bigger size, instead of becoming red and small as the 'new host frame' would dictate. Had we changed the font for TF1 along with the color, we would also have ended up with two different font-faces in TF2. Ugly.

If properties are assigned for each frame, they should be reliable. So, is this a bug, or am I just too stoopid?

a_m_flash 09-03-2004 03:44 PM

Do you have the document frame fully opened? Usually when something like this occurs, it's because the window is not wide enough. My guess anyways.:study:

furryspider 09-04-2004 06:53 AM

a_m_flash, thanks for replying.
I'm not totally sure what you mean by 'document frame fully opened' though. The application's window is maximized, and the size of the textframe has no effect on the described behaviour.

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