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J_Szucs 11-14-2001 12:31 AM

Screen resolution problem
I have 75x75 dpi screen resolution in XWindows under Suse Linux 6.4.
M$Windows provides me a 96x96 dpi screen resolution on the same system.
The display setting is 800x600 with 256 colours in both cases.
(I have an ancient monitor with a Trident 9000i chipset, 512k SVGA card, using the SVGA server for Xserver)
My question is: can I set XWindows to provide me a 96x96 dpi screen resolution like M$Windows? If so, how can I do it?

isajera 11-14-2001 01:07 AM

if you're using suse, then you need to use sax to change the resolution. it should be in the kde menus, or you can run it from the command line.

J_Szucs 11-14-2001 05:27 AM

Screen resolution
Thank you for your kind attention, but I got quite a great skill in using SAX in the past days, as I made several attempts with that to reach my goal.

The problem is that you cannot set a screen resolution by SAX (at least I could not find any controls in SAX for that setting).

What you can set by SAX is the display size (or the 'virtual display size', just to be more precise).

When I set that to 800x600, it results in a low, 75 dpi resolution (M$Windows provides 96 dpi resolution at the same display size).

At the 75 dpi resolution I have now in Linux, the quality of photos is highly degraded, compared to that I had at 96 dpi resolution in M$Windows.

That is why I insist on finding a solution to this problem.

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