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saurya_s 03-19-2004 10:35 AM

Scientific Graphic Package
Is there any package for making good quality scientific graphs? I mean something equivalent to Sigmaplot, Graphpad prism etc.
Has anybody been able to install coplot on Linux. I di try but when I run the script it gives error message?

Linils 03-19-2004 12:12 PM

Some ideas
Hi Saurya,

I am under the impression that you are interested in statistical graphs?
In that case you should consider trying 'R' at

This is a cool statistical package, however do not expect much graphic interface involved. But it is free, and with some work the results are really good looking.

A lot of documentation is available on site.

You could install it on your machine and 'play' the graphic demo (type"demo(graphics)").

You could also check out Octave and Kmatplot (a matlab like soft), and Xfig could sometimes be helpfull too.

Hope this helps,


saurya_s 03-19-2004 05:55 PM

Well I am looking for something which is a little statistics and mainly graphics. Something which is better than most spread sheets.
I also tried to find out SPSS like stat package but couldn't.
Have you tried to install Coplot, if you don't mind can you try to install and let me know what is the problem.
I am checking out kmatplot which looks alright.

aamiller 04-14-2004 06:19 PM

Scientific Graphic Package
Have you had any success with finding a package?

I looked and could find nothing acceptable, so I am currently trying to get GraphPad Prism 3 working with Wine on Linux. I have the program working but when I try to load a file there are error messages.

(MDK 9.2, KDE 3.1, AMD2000)

saurya_s 04-14-2004 07:25 PM

No, noting as yet.

moses 08-05-2004 11:31 AM

Try gnuplot:

spariggio82 08-23-2004 08:32 AM

saurya. Why don't you try xmgrace . I've used it ( I'm a physic student ) and it works very well. Even gnuplot it's very good too.
I suggest to try both and then choose.

Good Luck

Not now, John! 08-23-2004 08:47 AM


shengchieh 08-23-2004 01:12 PM

And here's some more links for gnuplot docs.


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