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WrkWatchr 08-07-2010 08:52 PM

Saving Passwords with Evolution
I am working diligently to shed the Microsoft mantle and email is the last holdout. I found Evolution and like everything about it except that it apparently deletes my password whenever it encounters a server "error." I have a requirement to have email download to several machines so the issue seems to be when another machine is accessing the server to download new mail. The server (pop3) reports that the server is "busy" then Evolution deletes my "saved password(s).

I have searched the Evolution Forums and found several references to a "patch" to fix this issue but I have not found any actual links or instructions to implement such a patch if it exists. Any help fixing this annoying problem would be appreciated.


BioLinux on the work Desktop, Ubuntu 10.4 on my Laptop and Mythbuntu on my media server/NAS at home.

Laurens73 08-08-2010 05:36 AM

If no one comes with a solution (I also don't know how to fix this problem) other similar e-mail clients are: claws-mail, sylpheed, kmail. At this moment I'm using Sylpheed and tested what happens: when I pull out the plug the password doesn't get lost after trying to fetch the mail.

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