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Krr 10-12-2012 03:16 PM

Samba question: Access for Windows users. Server not on domain.
Hi! This is my first post here. Thank you for a great resource.

I have a Fedora 17 server for which I have a static IP from the campus, but it is not part of the domain. I'd like to give Windows users (who are part of the campus domain) access to shares.

I've added shares in Samba and have made them visible and read/writable. I've also enabled Samba through the firewall.

When I try to add the share on Windows, I'm getting a few different problems depending on the machine on which I am working.

On one machine, it says that my access is denied.

When you add a network place in windows, you need to specify on which domain you are a part, but since the Linux box is not part of the domain, could this be the issue? When the user types out the user's name, should the I type in the username area: nameofthebox\username?

Thank you,

jefro 10-12-2012 07:31 PM

You could integrate this with an AD domain.

I don't think you do that like that.

You might be better off using net use or map a drive to the users my computer. Any computer on the same subnet and not having security restrictions ought to at least see the share. This assumes both share and file based permissions are correct. The user would be a user on the samba box and not an ad user. All boxes ought to see \\serveripaddress\

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