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aliasNIGMA 09-20-2004 02:07 PM

SAMBA Opening FIles From Location (Windows Shares)

Just a quickie... Im on like day 2 of a XP to Linux migration.... I managed to pretty well get my box to work properly on my school network for both Internet and file sharing. (applause)

My question is concerning SAMBA.

In Fedora 2, my one method for using samba is selecting "Network Servers" from the main program menu (The Red Hat).

I go in there and i can access anything and browse on my schools WINDOWS network.

The Problem::
The one thing I cant do is open files from location. As it stands I have to copy each file I want to view, to my desktop and then lauch the correct App for it.

Is there a way to open from location?

I saw mention of mounting Network Locations (smbfs) ... but that seems rather blunt and time consuming... and considering the size of the network... Id have to do that thousands of times to get the whole network.

Any suggestions?


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