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tstephens 10-02-2003 10:06 AM

Samba File Sharing
We are running on a Novell Network for file and printer sharing.
We are wanting to replace the Novell piece with Linux/Samba.

I was able to successfully set up two XP Pro clients in a Linux/Samba/PDC environment.

I have also set up a printer share and can set up printers in Linux/Samba.

My last question is regarding file sharing:
In Novell when a file is deleted, we can see who deleted it and recover the deleted file.

How does this process work in Linux/Samba? Can you see the client/user who deleted the file and then easily recover it?

I have searched far and wide and have not found a clean answer to these questions.

Any help would be appreciated....

fab12& 10-02-2003 10:23 AM

samba has such does not log this kind of information. What it does is merely (I'm not a samba expert) to deal with the underlying filesystem.

If your network user name is matched with an unique unix account and if you use a journaled filesystem, you may have a log of who did what.

I guess that you won't be able to recover the deleted file directly.

Best Regards

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