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Red Squirrel 08-24-2006 09:25 PM

samba domain controller - machine policies
Is it possible to create machine/user group policies with samba as a DC? If yes, how do I go about doing that?

A few things I'd like to do are set specific domain users under a specific local group (ex: administrators) and perhaps default computer settings, or basically anything regarding the registry. (which is what GPOs really do - modify the registry).

Also, how would I go about creating a default profile that is "pushed" to machines added to the domain? I'm thinking something like a login script, but that runs when the computer boots up, rather then logs in. So it would copy a default user directory to the c:\documents and settings\default user folder. And what about different OSes? (win2k, xp, 98) are profile settings stored differently? Or do I even need to modify profiles to change these type of things? Or can I simply do it by editing the registry?

I want to basically push default profile settings when a new user logs in, such as disabling personalized menues, removing XP fisher price interface and added classic start menu... all that good stuff.

musicman_ace 08-25-2006 01:03 AM

Here is one link to get you going. The key to your whole post is that you need to use the old NT4 poledit.exe application. Samba can distribute NT4 policy files created with poledit, if your looking for a slightly more complete solution then the Samba-TNG project might be something you want to look at. Samba's documentation will help out a lot, so head over to also.

Red Squirrel 08-25-2006 04:07 PM

Thanks, I'll check into that.

Also, this is not related to a DC but related to samba, what is the difference between create mask and create mode? And is directory mode the same as create mode, but for directories? I finally got around to fixing the way my setup is by making a smbusers group so all files served by samba can be accessed by other users when chmodded to 770 (asuming smb.conf allows it) so I want all created files and folders to be chmodded to 770 but not sure which option I'm suppost to be using for that.

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