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checkmate3001 09-06-2008 01:13 AM

samba compatibility with microsoft srvtools.exe (usrmgr.exe and srvmgr.exe)
I have looked around the web for a while and can't find a definitive answer to my question:

Is samba and usrmgr.exe or srvmgr.exe (from the srvtools.exe) fully compatible?

In other words, I shouldn't be getting errors when changing primary groups, adding users, setting user's full names, etc., etc.?

I ask because I believe my user scripts are fairly standard - so I don't think they are the problem, but I get an awful lot of errors just adding a user to a group and setting a primary group, etc.

I find it strange because if I back out of the dialog boxes in a certain way the changes I made (that caused the errors) appear to actually happen... but I still get errors.

Anyone else have ANY problems using these utilities with samba?
Anyone NOT having any problems using these utilities?

jschiwal 09-06-2008 05:08 AM

Are you using these utilities in Windows? What version of windows are these for?

The Using Samba book recommends the NT version of a package of utility programs to perform Net admin functions from windows. You didn't mention how the samba server is configured. In particular, if you are using LDAP or AD, etc for authentication of users on the Linux machine. If you change group memberships in windows, are the changes reflected in samba, for example, depending on which authentication scheme you use.

The latest edition of Using Samba was updated to include AD windows networks. The one that comes with Samba was written when it was assumed you used NT, Win2000, XP grade computers using NT type tools. I misplaced my Using Samba book. It recommends a certain windows package of programs to use instead, for administrating the network as a windows using network admin.

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