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mule 12-10-2003 01:21 AM

Samba: Authenticate Linux-Clients in Samba Domain & Mount

I have a Samba-Server (3.0.15) running on Fedora Core 1. This runs now quite well, i could also put finally my linux-clients into my domain just using net rpc join -U root -S ip-adress.

So, i could see on the Network browser my domain and contact my server and shares.

BUT: like this, no directory from my samba-server is mounted, even i am not really authenticated against samba, as i have to do once again a login on the domain afterwards.

SOLUTION A) - which i do not prefer:
//server/share /mount/point smbfs username=???,password=???,uid=you,gid=yourgroup,rw 0 0

in the /etc/fstabThis would mount fix the mentionned shared with the appropriate rights for the user mentionned in username.

SOLUTION B) - just a idea, but not sure...

a shellscript in kind of:
a$ = who;
mount -t smbfs - username=a$ //server/share /mount/point

this would also ask once again for the password of the appropriate user, but would read out, which user tries to connect....

SOLUTION C) no idea at all - hope you have a good input for me....

thx & cheers,

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