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jlinkels 05-06-2008 08:50 PM

Running Opera in Debian Lenny on AMD-64
Flash finally seems to works in Opera 9.50b2 after being broken for a long time.

This version can be downloaded following this link (It is nowhere linked on one of the Opera pages and kinda hard to find.)

The default plugin directories as used for Mozilla, Firefox and Iceweasel do not contain the correct version of Flash. (Although in Iceweasel it works correctly)

So you have to make sure these paths are not active:

The only path which seems to work correctly is:

Now the problem is that I am not 100% sure how Flashplayer got there. It is not contained in the Debian packages, only the Mozilla plugin is provided by Debian. I tried to reconstruct it, and this is what I did:
- downloaded the tar.gz version from (link to tar.gz)
- untarred the tar
- copied the to the directory mentioned above.

I am a bit surprised that it actually worked, even with sound. I do have the ia32-libs installed though.

One thing is sure, the plugins with the name starting with npwrapper do not work.

I posted this message in the Opera community forum as well.


jlinkels 05-07-2008 06:00 AM

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