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markhod 10-08-2003 06:02 PM

running jobs in background in bash

I want to run jobs inthe background in bash. So I set my job going and do a ctrl^z to suspend. Accoridng to the manual if I do bg%<JOBID> the job will continue in the background. By using 'set -b' I see that straight after doing bg %<JOBID> the job is stopped by something. I am using bash 2.05. How can I make jobs run in the background?



/bin/bash 10-08-2003 07:05 PM

program &
That will cause program to execute in the background.

Crashed_Again 10-08-2003 07:11 PM

To further this after you put a program using &, as /bin/bash stated, you can view the programs running in the background by using the 'jobs' command. Then if you want to bring a program back to the foreground you can do:

fg %n

replacing n with the job number given by the 'jobs' command.

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