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jiatang 07-20-2016 01:29 AM

Run Ubuntu-Core with Qt-Embedded
Insert a TF card with UbuntuCore image files into your NanoPi NEO, connect the board to a 5V/2A power source the board will be automatically powered on. If you can see the blue LED flashing it means your board is working and UbuntuCore is being loaded.

If you want to do kernel development you need to use a serial communication board, ie a PSU-ONECOM board, which will allow you to operate the board via a serial terminal.

Here is a setup where we connect a NanoPi NEO to a PC via the PSU-ONECOM and you can power on your NEO from either the PSU-ONECOM or the board's MicroUSB:

The password for "root" is "fa".
Update packages:
sudo apt-get update

Ethernet Connection
If the NanoPi NEO is connected to a network via Ethernet before it is powered on it will automatically obtain an IP after it is powered up. If it is not connected via Ethernet or its DHCP is not activated obtaining an IP will fail and system will hang on for about 15 to 60 seconds.

Login via SSH
The NanoPi NEO doesn't have a video output interface. You can log into the board via SSH. In our test the IP address detected by our router was and we ran the following command to log into the NanoPi NEO:

ssh root@
The password is fa。

You guys can read their friendlyarm wiki to download the images:

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