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JeffC1 08-25-2008 08:43 PM

RSync Question
Hello all.

ServerA has 5TB of Data.

Its being migrated to Serverb.

Clients will continuously use ServerA until all of the data is moved.

I plan on performing the command

rsync -av /root@newsinuserverip: /

Every night until the sync is complete.

Client will continuously use ServerA while this happens.

Will the end result be a perfect match between ServerA and ServerB?

Im afraid of the clieints deleting/changing files on ServerA which do not result in ServerB.

Am i on the right track?

trickykid 08-25-2008 09:14 PM

Somewhat but you may want a quick downtime to ensure all data has been copied over and is intact. Sync up while each is online. When it comes down to all the files being copied over, disable access to ServerA and kick off one final rsync to make sure no new files exist and or there have been no new modifications to files, depending on the number of users, it'll probably be minimal. Once complete, redirect all users to new server, keep old server online just in case. In my experience, I'd always keeps servers like this around for a week or so.

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