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scrapion 03-07-2007 11:16 AM

Hi I have switched from microstupid to Linux and am wading my way through Suse 9.3 Pro. When I am installing an RPM package with YaST where does the programme go and how do I invoke it to use it.

Please be patient with me :tisk: as I have been critically ill for many many years with the MS 98MEXP Virus(Microstupid Windows). I managed to escape as I was wise enough to see the Vista Plague on the horizon. With this in mind an the fact that I work an awful lot of hours to feed and cloth the wife, I donít have much time to play guess work with Linux books:study:scratch: . Do any of you know if there is a reputable Linux guidance book with exercise files :study: to encourage me to learn all the commands needed to prevent me from falling victim to the next onslaught of MS woreva :eek: .

Cheers guys and Galls for your kind help and thanx to whomever for putting this wonderful LQ resource at out fingertips at our insignificant lunch breaks.:p

Well-done folks. :Pengy:

Scrapion (Newbie):confused:

jiml8 03-07-2007 11:25 AM

Where the program goes and how to invoke it just depends.

You have a number of choices for window managers; if you are running KDE you'll often find that the program has been added to a menu someplace.

Whether or not it has been added to a menu, you can invoke the program (if you have permission to) by opening a shell window and typing in the name of the program.

Some programs can only be run as root; in this case you open the shell window, then enter the su command (followed by your root password) to become root in that window so you can run the program.

DO NOT establish the habit of logging in as root; this'll break just about all of Linux's security. Log in as an ordinary user, then become root only when/where you need to. NEVER EVER browse the web as root.

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