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Acetylcholine 11-04-2009 12:34 AM

Routing MIC input to SPEAKERS
Do you know of any generic way to forward all microphone input to the speakers.

(Assume the mic records fine and that the speakers work. I run Ubuntu 9.10.)

Shadow_7 11-04-2009 06:27 AM

On my delta 44 alsamixer lets me do that.

Beyond that you might need to do some jackd + jack_connect type trickery. Or use the gui, qjackctl. Many applications (audacity) lets you have playthrough type functionality (while recording). It really depends on what you're trying to do. Bear in mind that speakers + mic == feedback.

Acetylcholine 11-04-2009 09:49 AM

Thanks for the info. How do you do it with alsamixer? I won't get feedback -- I plug my xbox 360 into the mic, route it through the PC and get visual on the monitor's other input :)

Shadow_7 11-06-2009 03:45 PM

On my delta 44, in alsamixer I have channels H/W + H/W 1 + H/W 2 + H/W 3 than are set to PCM Out by default. But I can change them to H/W In + H/W In 1 + H/W In 2 + H/W In 3, which pipes the INPUTs 1+2+3+4 to the OUTPUTs 1+2+3+4. But it's not your typical soundcard. You're probably stuck with a jackd or similar method. The was some trick to use sox to pipe input to output. But that was a while ago, and mainly meant as a cheat to introduce an intentional audio latency for us with capture cards who's video lags behind the audio in a bad way. 1/5th of a second plus some. It's just not the same when the BOOM happens BEFORE the explosion.

Acetylcholine 11-07-2009 10:07 AM

jackd worked. I started the deamon (as root? I don't even know why it keeps turning on every time or where it stored the settings - I really hate how Ubuntu ortanized its daemons) with


/usr/bin/jackd --realtime --driver alsa --rate 44100
Then I could jack_lsp to find out my channels and this lead me to stuff like

jack_connect system:capture_1 system:playback_1

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