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zapp 05-23-2003 11:22 AM

Roaming X11/Xfree86, X11 proxy?
Is there a way to move an application from one X display to another?
localhost:0 -> localhost:1
localhost:0 -> remotehost:0)

Another acceptable way to do this is not to move a single application, but to move the entire X display, via a proxy:

XFree86 <----> proxy <-----> client

such that a client can disconnect and Xfree still thinks a connection is open, and a new client can connect to the proxy and resume the old session.

All I've found so far is xmove, which is only available on *BSD and I think Sun as well, but not linux.

Think of this also like the 'screen' utility for command line (you can log in, start a screen session, suspend the screen session and log out, come back days later, and resume the old session)

Also, since such a tool isn't readily available, can anyone suggest *why* it hasn't been done? What are the complications with the X protocol? Worries about resolution/color depth? Preserving state? ....???

cityhunter 09-12-2003 08:06 AM

I'm interested too....
I don't know if xdmcp can do that or xdm....

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