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narc 08-11-2006 01:34 PM

Ripping with AmaroK problems.
I've been able to rip with KDE in different ways without problems. I installed kdemultimedia, cdparanoia and lame and kaudiocreator works great. Even using the services tab on konqueror + mp3 folder + drag and drop work great also.

Now with amarok. The above dependencies should be enough. I can play CD without a hitch. But the Amarok docs say:


Insert your CD, then click on "Play Audio CD" in the menu. The File-Browser will come up and show a tree with several folders. For normal ripping, go to the "wav" folder, select some tracks and drag them to the desired destination in a Konqueror window. For automatic encoding, drag files from the "mp3" or "ogg" folder instead.
I expected to have a mp3 folder somewhere just like in konqueror but all I get is a standard rows-and-columns playlist with no "tree" view. Amarok's configuration doesn't seem to have an extra checkbox for such view. Does amarok offer such a service? If anyone would guide me through this or offer a few screenshots with a successful implementation, it would help me a lot.


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