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gokussj 09-23-2002 09:00 AM

Return To Castle Wolfenstein
Welcome Linux world!

I have some HEAVY problems with RTCW in Linux.

My procedure of install is: get Windows .pak files and .cfg files, copy it into a directory in linux, then i use the installer of idsoftware pointing to the directory where i putted .pak files.
After these steps i have upgraded the binaries to the version 1.33 but i have many problems.

First of all my configuration: Ati Radeon 8500, Red Hat Linux 7.3 with customized (by me) kernel, FireGl drivers from Ati version 1.4.3 for XFree 4.2.0 (mine); Tux Racer works perfectly.

Now the problems: with binaries 1.1b of RTCW i cannot change resolution, only a 640 windowed i can use; with 1.32 binaries i can change resolution, but i have some 'tilt' problem in the screen; with 1.33 all goes well, but there is a strange thing in my mouse: under the 'OPTIONS' my mouse locks itself and i must restart the system with a reset; it doesn't work CTRL-ALT-Fx, CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE, ALT-PRINT SCREEN-B; neither works :-(((
Another problem is the console: i cannot open it under Linux: i have also resetted the keys (in the files .cfg located in my home directory), but nothing, also if i set for example the key 'L' to open the console: nothing. The tilde key is perfectly configured in X and also the backslash, because in the graphical programs i can use it and all works fine.

Thanks for any type of help.

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