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coal-fire-ice 02-20-2008 05:24 PM

restoring files which were deleted by a mac
How i got to this situation:
I have/had an ipod 5g with approx 10000 tracks stored on it. I always use a windows pc to add new tracks from cd's that i buy, but the library on the windows pc is not up to date and contains only 8000 tracks.
i had recently backed up my ipod, to a nix machine, and started a process to get my windows library up to date, with accurate filenames etc. I had been using the ipod as a portable music library, which i just plugged into any computer to play the music via the computer's software. Two days ago, i plugged the ipod into a powerbook g4 mac. i played some music on it for a while, then ejected it. when i went to play music on the ipod as a stand alone player, it wouldnt play any tracks, and when i plugged it back into my windows pc and browsed the ipod as an external disk 35gb of music data had mysteriously disappeared.

i then proceeded to spend a lot of time googling recovery from this sort of situation. i came up with a few answers, a command line utility for linux, which i tested out and while it recovered all of the files lost, named them with totally random names. I also came across a utility for windows which was priced at over 100 dollars.

basically what i want to know is does anyone know of a utility for any of windows, mac or nix that can restore files with their original filenames and directory structure. I don't mind paying for the software, at least not if the price is not too high, but i need to know if it can get the filenames and dir structure from the device.

it is formatted with fat32.

thanks in advance for any pointers.

pljvaldez 02-20-2008 06:30 PM

From a quick google, you might read this thread.

Otherwise, you might be able to use extract and/or libextractor to get your filenames from the metadata (ID3 tags) in the files you recovered, then script it to rename the files. I'm guessing the heirarchy is lost.

jschiwal 02-20-2008 06:59 PM

If you have musicman installed, you can rename all of the mp3 files in a directory based on the id3 tags from a context menu in konqueror. Some of the mp3 player programs will do the same thing.

coal-fire-ice 02-21-2008 01:32 AM

thanks for the suggestions, but the file structure wasn't based on the id3 data, so creating new file names based on that is no good for what i need.

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