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Vitus13 10-12-2011 09:39 PM

Removing blank LVM disk causes grub to hang
I've had a lvm2 setup on ubuntu server 10.04 for quite some time now and everything's been peachy. I've upgraded the drives a few times and it always went without a hitch.

There is one drive I have not upgraded yet. This drive has been in the machine since the very beginning. It is /dev/sdb in the following:


device    volGroup  LogVolume  size
/dev/sda5    Beta    root      50GB
/dev/sdb    Beta    torrent  640GB
/dev/sdc    Beta    torrent  1.5TB

I had enough free pv on /dev/sdc to handle all of the pv that are on /dev/sdb and so I moved them with pvmove to /dev/sdc.

However after removing /dev/sdb from the logical volume and the volume group, I shut down and removed the device and on the subsequent boot grub hung.

When I put /dev/sdb in it boots fine.

I've put the bigger drive in for /dev/sdb and it hangs, just like when there is no drive for /dev/sdb.

Is there any reason that important grub files would be on /dev/sdb?

syg00 10-12-2011 10:10 PM

More info.
What version of grub (grub classic maybe on Lucid).?.
"grub hung" tells us absolutely nothing. Messages, blinking cursor, blank screen ?. Any (and all) symptoms.

Vitus13 10-13-2011 06:29 PM

Sorry about the delay.

The version is Grub2. However I had some of the details wrong in the OP. (Was writing the post from memory since I was away from the computer). The exact issue was that the computer boot looped immediately after the text "Grub Loading." was displayed on a line by itself. However, the problem does not occur without putting in the new drive for /dev/sdb. (This was wrong in the OP).

So, for clarity:

When removing /dev/sdb it boots perfectly fine.
When inserting the new /dev/sdb it boot loops after "Grub Loading."

I did eventually figure it out. For some reason, if I specified the boot device in the BIOS as /dev/sda then it booted OK. But if I left the BIOS to it's defaults (which put /dev/sdb at a higher preference) then it boot looped.

Still not sure why it happened though, because Grub was loading so the BIOS did find the correct drive eventually. Both /dev/sdb's had data on them and neither ever had anything grub related.

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